Last update : 30/7/2020

2/1/2020: The Corinth canal

8/12/2010: Moonset behind the radar installations on top of Hymettus

3/10/2019: Close pass of Jupiter and the moon

Moonset at Viotia, Greece

Agios Georgios, Viotia, Greece

Arvanitsa, Viotia, Greece

Meteora, central Greece

West attica, view from Parnitha

Syntagma square, Athens, Greece

Lake Yliki, Greece

Verona, Adige river, Italy

Νight sky at mount Helikonas, Viotia, Greece

Perseid falling, east Attica, Greece

Total eclipse of the moon, Magnesia , Greece

Dervenochoria, Viotia, Greece

Castle of Count Dracula, Bran, Romania

Startrails over Klitoria, Arcadia, Greece

Τhe village of Skourta by night

                                                      Startrails over St.George, Dervenochoria

The main road of the Dervenochoria plateau, west Parnitha

                                                               The Chassia gorge, Parnitha

31/1/2018: Supermoon rising behind the radar at Athens airport

29/12/2017: Niarchos cultural foundation decorated for Xmas

28/12/2017: The Ferry approaches Perama

25/12/2017:  Peristeri square at Christmas

24/11/2017: The industrial area of Elefsis

15/10/2017:  The Mediterranean Sky shipwreck near Elefsis

15/10/2017 : Dusk at western Attica

14/8/2017: Τhree hours of departures from Athens airport

28/7/2017: Close pass of Jupiter and the Moon

Night sky over Viotia 

The Acropolis

Lunar halo

                                                            Our galaxy

                                                  Startrails and distant thunderstorms

The galaxy rises over Sounio

Sunset behind Humettus

Full Moon

Moonset behind Hymettus


Sounio - the temple of Poseidon

Ghent, Belgium

Hong Kong, China

Night approach to Paris

Macau Tower

Cloudy sunset at the airport

Sunset behind the antennae on mount Pikilo

Irrigation canal in Viotia

Valetta, Malta



Startrails at the airport

Zurich, Switzerland

International Space Station

Corfu, 5 landings

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia



Snowy Hymettus

Prague, Czech republic

Lisbon, Portugal

Queenstown, NZ


Rome, Italy

Paris, France


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